Warner Brothers will start offering instant Movie Streaming through Facebook.

This is just in. The Big media companies are eyeing the explosive growth of social networks. Especially Facebook and Twitter. While on Twitter, the big players are pushing paid promoted tweets, and generating buzz words to form the Twitter trends, Facebook is what they feel as the ultimate Cash cow.

According to sources, When you visit the Dark Knight moviepage on Facebook, You will get an option to Watch the movie then and there for 30 facebook credits which comes out to be $3 dollars.

The movie is instantly streamabale, you can also utilize its Full Screen mode, Pause and Resume funtions. The idea is to provide movie lovers with streaming capabilities right in Facebook. The movie rented this way will be available for stream up till 48 hours.

This is an importnant development as Now Facebook can act as a threat to a number of services who provide online streaming abilities. To name a Few, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube etc.

Facebook has really started to show its true behemoth avatar. It already shut down Friendster, Myspace etc. And its the begining of the movies era. After Warner Bros. other studios will also follow and will offer Movies and TV shows through facebook. Its a one stop center to attract customers and without spending money on marketing. Some day it might also happen that small movie makers will offer live streaming of the new movies as they will be launched. The Red Carpet launch event through Facebook but only for a select few (Invites Only).

Batman: The Dark Knight | Facebook  – http://on.fb.me/fAHDWC



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