Different Roles for Social Media Optimizer in any organization

Social Media Roles in an organization:

Roles Person can have in Social Media


Newbie and Enthusiastic – An existing employee or new addition, who is aware of and actively indulges in Social Media scene. These are key people in the organization which will initiate new ideas by utilizing different social media strategies.

Analysts – These people will specilize in real time analysis of data generated through social media connections. Some of the basic forms of Analysis will include understanding of the followers/following ratio, determining the true followers, assessment of effect of new roll out strategies on customers and generation of report based on feedbacks.

Strategy Planners – These are the decision makers. These people will be at key positions in the company and will be responsible for drafting clear goals and objectives for a social media strategies. These people will have a thorough understanding of Social Media channels and they will plan out the entire game before rolling the dice. Also strategist will communicate with enthusiats, executors and monitors. They will pave the path.

Executors – The plan executors will work with strategy planners to give them ground level information so that they can form strategies based around basic values and core competencies of the company. Executors will work with monitors to check on new trends and strategies and will use their knowledge and skills to draft new execution plans. They will also be getting data from analysts to understand effectiveness of existing plans.

Monitors – These people will be eyes and ears of companies. They will actively dig in social media information channels to find the information about competitor and their strategies. These people will have a granular understanding of the surroundings. These people need to be proactive and should work in tandem with strategy planners, executors and analysts.

Team Leaders – Like every department, the social media department will have a team lead/head. The team leaders will equip the team with strategy builders, executors, evangalists and monitors. They will attact on one particular facet of social media.
Team leader will call shots about development of new strategies and will be directly responsible for overseeing planning and execution of the strategies. He/She will also be responsible for fighting for budget for plans, working with other groups in social media and outside, develop new resources for utilization in company and implement ethical policies and procedures.

Interns – Social Media Interns will shadow each of the people assuming afore mentioned roles to understand the complexity of handling social media plans. The interns should be asked to do their homework about roles and responsibilities of each department.

The role of real-time engagement with customers is also important and it can fall under monitors or it can be shared with newbies and interns. This role is also very important as Social Media Engagement will give them first hand information about trends and likes in the outside world.

The complex nature of each social media network and varied number of online/offline applications which can be used to measure the effectiveness of campaign makes it difficult for one person to actively engage in all of the above mentioned roles. Thus a social media structure will be drafted in every organization and people will assume different responsibilities.

Peace  – Niranjan.


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An MBA professional and a Social Media Strategist. I Listen, Watch, Learn and Utilize. I believe in making small changes that matter and which can change the way people do business. These are some of the small ideas I came up with while skimming through multiple pages of information on social media strategies. These ideas grew in number so I decided to dedicate a blog for them. If they can be useful for your business or for the least make you think.. I will consider my efforts rewarded.
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