WHAT!..Facebook might just choke Groupon!

Its so easy! Facebook can choke GrouponHow?

Well, First Facebook has more than 500 million active users! They check Facebook profile more than say “Hello!” to their family.

This is a true fact! They live in same house yet chat on Facebook or They leave comments to each others posts sitting right besides each other.

How all of this is relavent? Its related to the above question! Facebook can duplicate business model of  Groupon.

Facebook: “I have 500 million peoples data! What they like! Where they eat! What they love to do! Where and How they spend time!”
Groupon: “I directly send deals to people who give me their emails! and I provide  best local deals.
Facebook: “Hahaha! Dont you think I can pull out such deals?. “If I just sneeze a news that I am interested in giving my users deals companies will crowding outside my door!”
Groupon: “Geez! You can.. But…”
Facebook: “Evil Laugh! I can and maybe I will.. Users provide their own data. What they like, love and adore. Brands can use this data and put daily deals and I’ll provide a small space in the corner of which users will have total control of.
“PLUS: they can pay with Facebook money!”

Now thats a Groupon killer! How is Groupon going to compete with that??
Now thats something to think about.
Peace – Niranjan


About itspurebusiness

An MBA professional and a Social Media Strategist. I Listen, Watch, Learn and Utilize. I believe in making small changes that matter and which can change the way people do business. These are some of the small ideas I came up with while skimming through multiple pages of information on social media strategies. These ideas grew in number so I decided to dedicate a blog for them. If they can be useful for your business or for the least make you think.. I will consider my efforts rewarded.
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