Words of Wisdom from speech of His Holiness Dalai Lama – October 26, 9:15am (Miami)

Dalai Lama, the spiritual guru of Tibet was in Miami today. I got an invite so I participated in the event in which he was going to speak about “Cultural Homogeneity”.
His holiness, is extremely humble and simple person. He was sitting at the center of podium. But what was more important was his speaking and mannerism. It was astounding. Following are some things he talked about and what I understood.

  • Life is simple, you should always have faith cause in your troubled times faith comes for your help (gives you a calm).
  • When facing any problem, your emotions are the one who betray you and make you do silly and stupid mistakes.
  • You should always think of your problems relatively, think of it as a puzzle and try to find the solution. You should study the problem from every angle. You never know which angle will give you lead in right direction.
  • If facing a problem, emotional involvement is always harmful, As your brain gets more involved, you can’t think straight and your five senses does not function. Remember 5 senses are very important, they always should function well.
  • If you face a problem, there are two ways: One is you can resolve the problem by analyzing it, not immediately but soon. There is a solution for it. In this scenario you should think about the problem. But if its impossible to solve or end result is not positive, you should not spend time on it. It’s not worth the trouble.

I might not be able to right the correct phrases he said, but one thing is definitely true that:

  • Love and Compassion about others are two most important things a person can offer to the world. And all religions tell you the same thing.
  • Always think about others selflessly, then only you can truly understand them and by helping them you’re helping your inner peace and building a good Karma.

Peace – Niranjan


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