Facebook and Bing combo for Social Media Marketing Breakfast

This is in response to the article :

Social Search: Facebook and Bing

As I am researching and building strategies on Social Media Marketing, I see this news as a positive catapult. The simple mathematics can be broken down as follows :

1. Facebook has more than 500 million users (you are one of them!)
2. You have a company (say ABC Fashion Accessories) it’s a brick and mortar company as well as online.
3. You have about 20% of sales happening online.
4. You have a Facebook profile page and have just opened a Twitter account.

How to Market:
1. Make your Facebook page easily searchable, (ABC Fashion : Shop for next generation Accessories etc.)
2. On Twitter, You have to post and update relevant content and it takes time! so a patience is a virtue.
3. Meanwhile, you can spread the word about your latest sale, or special deals via Twitter and can casually mention it to the customers (I have realized that the art of selling is just like human counselling, by asking clever questions you have to pitch the ball slow in the customers court and guide him/her to reach the decision you want to reach!. They will be more happy and more willing to try whatever you are selling.)
4. Now comes the part of Bing! On an average a user in aged group 16-35 logs on to Facebook at least 3-5 times a day. Now a user has to be logged in, a member of your company’s profile page and search in Bing with terms related to Fashion, or Accessories or things that women search related to Fashion for your page to pop up in the search engine list and show your offers.
5. Looks tedious but its not that difficult, if you pump in substantial content of quality and propel it up in SEO with deals and sale news which will increase intensity of people visiting your twitter/Facebook accounts, You will see increase in traffic for your website.
6. Again, this is a patient building exercise and needs articulated decisions with proper content driven advertising.

Now after all this complicated jargons and statements:
End Result:-
You will see increased profits and people will actually keep a track of your activities.-You will get good solid followers in Social Media Network which can be used for your research about New products or improvements for your existing.-You can interact with your current and potential customers in real-time.-You can then shift your attention from expensive marketing to cheap or virtually free of cost Social Media Marketing.-The local Bing results will then be more targeted towards you.-You can expand into micro-blogging and active blogging to integrate new fashion trends and tips and tricks of what goes best on what!
And all of this is important in this era, as we are moving in the world controlled by google, Facebook, twitter and other networking and search websites, people will be judged more based on their online presence and if “liked” will be put into consideration. And businesses can provide that pivotal which can relate or network different people together.

Peace – Niranjan


About itspurebusiness

An MBA professional and a Social Media Strategist. I Listen, Watch, Learn and Utilize. I believe in making small changes that matter and which can change the way people do business. These are some of the small ideas I came up with while skimming through multiple pages of information on social media strategies. These ideas grew in number so I decided to dedicate a blog for them. If they can be useful for your business or for the least make you think.. I will consider my efforts rewarded.
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