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Hi All,

I am lazing around on this lovely friday evening on my laptop (geek*). And guess what I come across.. one of the best social media ads right infront of me.. JetBlue.. Combining all the best of Social Media Marketing, Experience Marketing, Emotional Marketing, and Best strategies together in the 3 hour ago launch of the JetBlue Experience.

Whats in it?
The maximum usage of customers attention by using shortest possible clips on YouTube.
Its not the YouTube ads which are Boring and creating obstacles in every video we watch. Its not the routine ads which are long and doesnt always convey the best message.
These are highly targeted ads which tinkles users thinking process and once user finds the answer! Voila.. he/she on the next ad already.
JetBlue has used Twitter and Facebook really well.. combining the birthday of JetBlue with the messages from company CEO and top executives. These messages are not corporate oriented but people oriented. They mean Business but convey emotions and feelings towards the customers angry with other airlines crappy service.
JetBlue kept people following and tracking them by saying “You going to get free tickets” but not until the last moment anyone new where. They announced it at the last moment and within minutes there was huge lines for free tickets. Its worth it when these small gifts can get JetBlue such a huge leap in Social Media Networks. I am sure soon enough all the media will be abuzz with JetBlue news. This is the power of todays communication. I couldn’t take my eyes of the videos. Such a fantastic strategy. Well sketches and very well implemented. Needless to say: I am a JetBlue fan now! ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy one of my favorite JetBlue Videos:

I am sure one day I will be given a chance to do something like this. I will design such strategies, they will be small, short but precise. I have the potential and such videos boost it more and more. Thanks JetBlue! ๐Ÿ™‚


About itspurebusiness

An MBA professional and a Social Media Strategist. I Listen, Watch, Learn and Utilize. I believe in making small changes that matter and which can change the way people do business. These are some of the small ideas I came up with while skimming through multiple pages of information on social media strategies. These ideas grew in number so I decided to dedicate a blog for them. If they can be useful for your business or for the least make you think.. I will consider my efforts rewarded.
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