Random Strategies

These are some random strategies I thought of while I was doing my laundry this weekend after I finished reading an article in Fortune.

As I skimmed through the Halloween section of the Walmart, I realised the amazing use of these Signs. They are everywhere, and They are guiding us all the time without us knowing it.

So a Pumpkin and a Horror Face with an Arrow below it showed me precisely where the Halloween Costumes were.

Now Why do I bring up signs. because I find it interesting to check how many stores can take out these signs “soon” the holiday is over. As I see that can be an interesting point to be noted while shopping in that store. If the store is displaying last Christmas sign this year, I am sure they are not doing that good.

– Another thing I thought of as I was standing in line to pay. That Wal-Mart targets most of the women population who shops there by having a stand with lot of Cosmos and Vogue’s for women to read. Candy’s and some sweets for the children and very less collection for men.
What these stores can do is they can put up a plasma tv with any sports game on it for men shoppers. Men are impatient,  if they see the line is too long, and they have only one or two things to buy, they will just leave and find another store. (alternatively a Fashion channel for mens viewing is not a bad idea either, just store needs to decide how ethical it can be.)

– There is a huge difference between a Fast food chain and a family restaurants. The things placed to read on table at a family restaurant are hardly read as opposed to that, you can give practically anything to read to the person in fast food. This is a good opportunity which can be utilized to place special offers or some trivia questions.  If your material is important, the customer might take it with him/her and there you have another ways to generate revenues.
But considering the era of Social Media Marketing consider this example: Foursquare recently partnered with McDonald‘s and gave out $5 to $10 coupons randomly to its customers. “McDonald’s head of social media Rick Wion tweeted that, “the 33% increase was in the number of check ins. We consider check ins the same as a person entering the restaurant.”
Foursquare also offered different deals on the foursquare day. The offer by McDonald’s created a social media buzz which not only gathered potential customers but stories about McDonald’s and Foursquare were everywhere. This is the wave effect of Social media networking.  So now you know if you’re a fast food chain, you can use variety of things from free Wi-Fi (Run your own ads on it) to Free Coupons through Foursquare and even Facebook places will drive people to your stores. Give it a Try! 🙂

– And yes, if you been to a USPS or an UPS office in rush hours, there is this huge line and you end up spending anything from 10-30 minutes going nuts.
This is good news for Businesses as They can put up stuff there that people can read and at the same time convey their messages through it by providing ad services. As the recession is getting stronger the employees are fewer and lines are getting bigger.

– Also people waiting for their baggage to arrive at airports, this particular thing ranges from 15-20 minutes for Domestic flights while 30-45 minutes for international flight. Flight attendants can give out coupons or something worth spending time on while this wait. This is a good opportunity that can be exploited.

– Also businesses underestimate the power of Green (Recycle) labels or This pouch is made from recyclable material tags. These are amazing and these are the benefit drivers for both company and customers. Anyone who reads the sign, has a positive warming effect on him/her and that itself is sufficient trigger to make him/her buy the product. See Chipotle bags, notice the recycled bag tag and notice people’s reaction when they read it. Its amazing!

– One interesting idea I came across is putting a people counter to see how many people are in line. It can be a button pushed by the customer once he/she is line. There will be a huge display on top of the line which will state how many people are in that line, so that on coming customers can automatically to go less crowded lines. It will also generate a good positive effect on people while reducing their anxiety.

That is all for today!

Peace. Niranjan


About itspurebusiness

An MBA professional and a Social Media Strategist. I Listen, Watch, Learn and Utilize. I believe in making small changes that matter and which can change the way people do business. These are some of the small ideas I came up with while skimming through multiple pages of information on social media strategies. These ideas grew in number so I decided to dedicate a blog for them. If they can be useful for your business or for the least make you think.. I will consider my efforts rewarded.
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