Craft Beer Industry Report – Market Research

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Warner Brothers will start offering instant Movie Streaming through Facebook.

This is just in. The Big media companies are eyeing the explosive growth of social networks. Especially Facebook and Twitter. While on Twitter, the big players are pushing paid promoted tweets, and generating buzz words to form the Twitter trends, Facebook is what they feel as the ultimate Cash cow.

According to sources, When you visit the Dark Knight moviepage on Facebook, You will get an option to Watch the movie then and there for 30 facebook credits which comes out to be $3 dollars.

The movie is instantly streamabale, you can also utilize its Full Screen mode, Pause and Resume funtions. The idea is to provide movie lovers with streaming capabilities right in Facebook. The movie rented this way will be available for stream up till 48 hours.

This is an importnant development as Now Facebook can act as a threat to a number of services who provide online streaming abilities. To name a Few, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube etc.

Facebook has really started to show its true behemoth avatar. It already shut down Friendster, Myspace etc. And its the begining of the movies era. After Warner Bros. other studios will also follow and will offer Movies and TV shows through facebook. Its a one stop center to attract customers and without spending money on marketing. Some day it might also happen that small movie makers will offer live streaming of the new movies as they will be launched. The Red Carpet launch event through Facebook but only for a select few (Invites Only).

Batman: The Dark Knight | Facebook  –


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Social Media Consulting – Business Plan

A Social Media Marketing -Business Plan. I think this will be a nice guide for any one who seeks to start his/her own Consultancy business in Social Media.

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How can AirFare companies generate more followers? Visitors? on Social Media..

A short blog – idea-log regarding how AirFare Compare companies can optimize social media for their business :

  • Open official Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Generate some followers by giving enticing deals.
  • Check out the structure or buying pattern ( – Which time of day links were accessed, how many times, how many actually bought)
  • Post topics related to the industry and generate buzz through RTs and DMs.
  • Engage actively with customers through social networks and spread the word through quality tweets.
  • Measure the increase in overall influence. (Klout, TweetCounter, TweetDatabase etc)
  • Use analysis to determine the buying patterns, demographics etc and use this to entice and classify similar customers.
  • Detail the descriptions of who flies, which airline and how many times a month. This can give information about % of people who can be attracted through social media.
  • Check ins -Foursquare and Gowalla gives instant heat map of customers flying, which airline they are flying to etc.
  • A Tumblr blog with pictures with definitive airlines, tickets bought through etc will create linking for the Air fare comparison brand. Brand loyalty will go up.

FYI – I got a hunch about social media and these air compare websites and I wrote down the main bullets in rush before I lost it out of my head. 🙂


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Different Roles for Social Media Optimizer in any organization

Social Media Roles in an organization:

Roles Person can have in Social Media


Newbie and Enthusiastic – An existing employee or new addition, who is aware of and actively indulges in Social Media scene. These are key people in the organization which will initiate new ideas by utilizing different social media strategies.

Analysts – These people will specilize in real time analysis of data generated through social media connections. Some of the basic forms of Analysis will include understanding of the followers/following ratio, determining the true followers, assessment of effect of new roll out strategies on customers and generation of report based on feedbacks.

Strategy Planners – These are the decision makers. These people will be at key positions in the company and will be responsible for drafting clear goals and objectives for a social media strategies. These people will have a thorough understanding of Social Media channels and they will plan out the entire game before rolling the dice. Also strategist will communicate with enthusiats, executors and monitors. They will pave the path.

Executors – The plan executors will work with strategy planners to give them ground level information so that they can form strategies based around basic values and core competencies of the company. Executors will work with monitors to check on new trends and strategies and will use their knowledge and skills to draft new execution plans. They will also be getting data from analysts to understand effectiveness of existing plans.

Monitors – These people will be eyes and ears of companies. They will actively dig in social media information channels to find the information about competitor and their strategies. These people will have a granular understanding of the surroundings. These people need to be proactive and should work in tandem with strategy planners, executors and analysts.

Team Leaders – Like every department, the social media department will have a team lead/head. The team leaders will equip the team with strategy builders, executors, evangalists and monitors. They will attact on one particular facet of social media.
Team leader will call shots about development of new strategies and will be directly responsible for overseeing planning and execution of the strategies. He/She will also be responsible for fighting for budget for plans, working with other groups in social media and outside, develop new resources for utilization in company and implement ethical policies and procedures.

Interns – Social Media Interns will shadow each of the people assuming afore mentioned roles to understand the complexity of handling social media plans. The interns should be asked to do their homework about roles and responsibilities of each department.

The role of real-time engagement with customers is also important and it can fall under monitors or it can be shared with newbies and interns. This role is also very important as Social Media Engagement will give them first hand information about trends and likes in the outside world.

The complex nature of each social media network and varied number of online/offline applications which can be used to measure the effectiveness of campaign makes it difficult for one person to actively engage in all of the above mentioned roles. Thus a social media structure will be drafted in every organization and people will assume different responsibilities.

Peace  – Niranjan.

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WHAT!..Facebook might just choke Groupon!

Its so easy! Facebook can choke GrouponHow?

Well, First Facebook has more than 500 million active users! They check Facebook profile more than say “Hello!” to their family.

This is a true fact! They live in same house yet chat on Facebook or They leave comments to each others posts sitting right besides each other.

How all of this is relavent? Its related to the above question! Facebook can duplicate business model of  Groupon.

Facebook: “I have 500 million peoples data! What they like! Where they eat! What they love to do! Where and How they spend time!”
Groupon: “I directly send deals to people who give me their emails! and I provide  best local deals.
Facebook: “Hahaha! Dont you think I can pull out such deals?. “If I just sneeze a news that I am interested in giving my users deals companies will crowding outside my door!”
Groupon: “Geez! You can.. But…”
Facebook: “Evil Laugh! I can and maybe I will.. Users provide their own data. What they like, love and adore. Brands can use this data and put daily deals and I’ll provide a small space in the corner of which users will have total control of.
“PLUS: they can pay with Facebook money!”

Now thats a Groupon killer! How is Groupon going to compete with that??
Now thats something to think about.
Peace – Niranjan

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PlayStation Phone Strategy And Social Media – Rumor or Not !

The Engadget and now Techtree people are right on toes again and shouting with the big news of Playstation phone. The Sony has now candidly states about launch of early rumored Playstation Phone in Feb 2011. And again the Social Media is buzzing with this news.

How Playstation phone will be better than todays smartphones?

1. Playstation Phone will be much faster and high performer than todays smartphones.
2. Playstation Phone since the rumor/news started has been tweeted more than 20000 times in less than an hour!
3. Playstation Phone if true will boost the sales of PSPs as they will now be used by teenagers for both playing games and texting and checking social media pages and calling which they incessantly do!
4. If this Playstation Phone is indeed going to come out! Sony must be congratulated as it will cover one more market. It will add Cell Phone to the already existing and famous value chain of PSP gaming.
5. If Playstation Phone will come out! It might help Sony expand the Teenagers phone market and get back hold of the plummeting market share.

All in all, I think the rumor/news has started showing results as more people will be digging in social media and online news for a follow up after news of Playstation Phone!
Peace -Niranjan

PS: Updated on 11/22/2010.

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Words of Wisdom from speech of His Holiness Dalai Lama – October 26, 9:15am (Miami)

Dalai Lama, the spiritual guru of Tibet was in Miami today. I got an invite so I participated in the event in which he was going to speak about “Cultural Homogeneity”.
His holiness, is extremely humble and simple person. He was sitting at the center of podium. But what was more important was his speaking and mannerism. It was astounding. Following are some things he talked about and what I understood.

  • Life is simple, you should always have faith cause in your troubled times faith comes for your help (gives you a calm).
  • When facing any problem, your emotions are the one who betray you and make you do silly and stupid mistakes.
  • You should always think of your problems relatively, think of it as a puzzle and try to find the solution. You should study the problem from every angle. You never know which angle will give you lead in right direction.
  • If facing a problem, emotional involvement is always harmful, As your brain gets more involved, you can’t think straight and your five senses does not function. Remember 5 senses are very important, they always should function well.
  • If you face a problem, there are two ways: One is you can resolve the problem by analyzing it, not immediately but soon. There is a solution for it. In this scenario you should think about the problem. But if its impossible to solve or end result is not positive, you should not spend time on it. It’s not worth the trouble.

I might not be able to right the correct phrases he said, but one thing is definitely true that:

  • Love and Compassion about others are two most important things a person can offer to the world. And all religions tell you the same thing.
  • Always think about others selflessly, then only you can truly understand them and by helping them you’re helping your inner peace and building a good Karma.

Peace – Niranjan

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Groupon Ties with eBay to offer best deals!

The drive for growth through innovative and pragmatic approach.
Thats what we see with Groupon striking deal with eBay.

An industry mogul signing a deal with relative newbie to dominate the market place. The social media is flowing with the news and speculations about this deal. The implications are humongous. Social Media will now be flooded with local deals offered by Groupon which now will be powered by eBay.But the deal seems not be that intricate and will flow in shallow waters for now.The deal will now allow US based eBay users to sign in through and earn more 5% back in eBay Bucks.

I see this as genius and a win-win situation for both the customers and GrouponeBay. In this economically thrifty market, people are looking through lenses to save money and this deal will provide that. With Groupon expected to perform more than $300 million in sales this year can very well exceed with new affiliate deals with players like Ning and eBay. They are now also allowing local dealers to post through direct deals on Groupon totally bypassing the approval channels. This will open up more communication channels for eBay as it has started to take on the Social Media wave. As for the deal is concerned, the deals will be shown depending on the users location. Closest deals for each user will be displayed.                                                                                                                                          Peace – Niranjan

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Facebook and Bing combo for Social Media Marketing Breakfast

This is in response to the article :

Social Search: Facebook and Bing

As I am researching and building strategies on Social Media Marketing, I see this news as a positive catapult. The simple mathematics can be broken down as follows :

1. Facebook has more than 500 million users (you are one of them!)
2. You have a company (say ABC Fashion Accessories) it’s a brick and mortar company as well as online.
3. You have about 20% of sales happening online.
4. You have a Facebook profile page and have just opened a Twitter account.

How to Market:
1. Make your Facebook page easily searchable, (ABC Fashion : Shop for next generation Accessories etc.)
2. On Twitter, You have to post and update relevant content and it takes time! so a patience is a virtue.
3. Meanwhile, you can spread the word about your latest sale, or special deals via Twitter and can casually mention it to the customers (I have realized that the art of selling is just like human counselling, by asking clever questions you have to pitch the ball slow in the customers court and guide him/her to reach the decision you want to reach!. They will be more happy and more willing to try whatever you are selling.)
4. Now comes the part of Bing! On an average a user in aged group 16-35 logs on to Facebook at least 3-5 times a day. Now a user has to be logged in, a member of your company’s profile page and search in Bing with terms related to Fashion, or Accessories or things that women search related to Fashion for your page to pop up in the search engine list and show your offers.
5. Looks tedious but its not that difficult, if you pump in substantial content of quality and propel it up in SEO with deals and sale news which will increase intensity of people visiting your twitter/Facebook accounts, You will see increase in traffic for your website.
6. Again, this is a patient building exercise and needs articulated decisions with proper content driven advertising.

Now after all this complicated jargons and statements:
End Result:-
You will see increased profits and people will actually keep a track of your activities.-You will get good solid followers in Social Media Network which can be used for your research about New products or improvements for your existing.-You can interact with your current and potential customers in real-time.-You can then shift your attention from expensive marketing to cheap or virtually free of cost Social Media Marketing.-The local Bing results will then be more targeted towards you.-You can expand into micro-blogging and active blogging to integrate new fashion trends and tips and tricks of what goes best on what!
And all of this is important in this era, as we are moving in the world controlled by google, Facebook, twitter and other networking and search websites, people will be judged more based on their online presence and if “liked” will be put into consideration. And businesses can provide that pivotal which can relate or network different people together.

Peace – Niranjan

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